Email Timeline: How to Safely Extract Lotus Notes objects to Outlook Personal Folders (PST) File Using NSF to PST Converter

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How to Safely Extract Lotus Notes objects to Outlook Personal Folders (PST) File Using NSF to PST Converter

Due to my company policy, I had to work and process information in the Lotus Notes email environment. I ran into a number of problems while using this piece of software on my workstation.
A major problem was experienced with the Internet Explorer proxy server. When I made changes to the Internet Explorer settings to allow it to use a proxy, these settings were disabled every time the Lotus Notes application started. Also, whenever I used to enable the ‘Every time you start Internet Explorer’ option in the Internet Options dialog box, it automatically switched to ‘Never’.

There were a plethora of other issues that were indirectly affecting the overall business cost and productivity. When I tried sending attachments with messages, the attachments would disappear leaving behind only the recipients’ names and the body of the message. Moreover, if I attempted to open an internet link in Lotus Notes, it gave the error ‘This browser is not installed’. I checked the local settings tab to make sure that Internet Explorer was set as the default bowser, but could not understand why the links failed to open up in Lotus Notes every time. This was one of the most persistent problems with my Lotus Notes client.

To get out of this trouble, I decided to go for another program that could make managing tasks, home events, and business appointments comparatively easier and convenient. One of my friends suggested moving to the MS Outlook email application. He told me some of the real-time benefits of using MS Outlook over its counterparts. This application can easily interface with a number of other Microsoft programs to allow sharing important and sensitive information without a hitch. It enables you to sort or block emails. In addition, it has a built-in protection to secure your photos and other attachments contained in the messages.

Now, the challenge was to convert my Lotus Notes database to an Outlook Personal Folders (PST) file safely. On searching the web, I came across dozens of NSF to PST Converters. Their demo versions were available free of cost. I ran the free demo of Stellar Phoenix NSF to PST Converter. This software displayed me all the NSF objects in Outlook PST format. I was able to preview them in the main interface. I checked my emails and quickly verified the data in the file. I was delighted to see all my mails intact. Hence, I opted for the full software version that helped me to easily convert my Lotus Notes (NSF) file and switch to MS Outlook.

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